thoughts going around in my head:

- I REALLY need to finish cleaning & getting rid of/donating things in the rest of the rooms in our home, so far Aidan's room & the living room are done.. but the snowy, dreary days are making me feel VERY unmotivated!

- a stray kitty has made it's way into our home.. it is so cold & I couldn't stand to keep her outside! I have posted a lost & found ad for her on Craigslist, but am secretly hoping that no one will claim her.. she is SO adorable & lovey-dovey!

- I can't wait to go to my friend Carol's tonight, she hosts monthly stamping events & we are making a photo album tonight!

- I love the fact that Aidan is potty-trained now.. but does he have to keep his poo in the toilet to show me everytime before he flushes??? 

- Is it bad that I still have a Christmas wreath on our front door? Ugh.. I need to take it down!

- I'm finally making Aidan's baby book, something that should have been completed a LONG time ago, and I am happy & sad doing it. I cannot believe that my baby is growing up so fast! :(


  1. Nice that you have couple rooms done, understand on the gloomy weather, understand about baby
    book, brings back a lot of GOOD memories. Now you have to try for another one for more baby books.

  2. oo yay on getting a few rooms done.. when you finish your house will you come to VA and help me? oo I hope you get to keep the sweet kitty!! Please post those photo albumns.. please!! hehe Sammy still can't wipe (can Aidan?) He just yells wooohooo come wipe me! Hehe I totally wrote come whip me :-P Not bad if you have a wreath up if its okay that our dead tree is in our backyard? covered in snow that we got yesterday.. it is conveniently close to our pumpkin!! I need to get on Tim to get these things to the dump :-P umm no baby book completed over here don't feel bad!

  3. I still have a wreath on my door, Nick is ready for it to come down, but I'm not! :)