The howling winds, dropping temperature & buzz on the news was getting all of us here excited for the HUGE blizzard that was hours away from us the other day.. Aidan was looking out the window about every 10 minutes Tuesday night!

He was ready to go outside Wednesday morning to check out the snow,
although we waited til afternoon.. it was cold out there!

Loved how he could barely walk in the snow, he was trying to get to his slide.. it took him forever!

We have a bunch of drifts here, Aidan loved that his playset was drifted, he played in this little opening & had fun throwing snow at Mommy!

We had fun outside, but didn't stay out too long.. the wind was making our cheeks freeze!

After dinner last night, we had more fun with all the snow by making snow ice cream!

My little kitchen helper was so excited :)

Here's Aidan's snow ice cream:
(gotta have sprinkles!)

He loved it!


  1. How exciting, Grammie has never heard of "Snow Ice Cream". I will have to come over sometime and have you make me some, that is before snow gets dirty.

  2. oo how fun! How much did you guys get? Love snow cream!

  3. Hi... looks like Aiden loved the snow too! Cute pictures. I just got a "recipe" for snow ice cream too. Will have to try it... I'm sure the kids would love it!


  4. so glad you liked the snow ice cream! thanks for linking to my blog!