Christmas cookies!

I was excited to have my friend Michelle come over to decorate cookies this year, I knew Aidan would love it.. and who doesn’t love Christmas cookies???

We got up early that morning to make the cut-out cookies, Aidan was very eager to help!

122010 005122010 003

I was so proud of our little guy.. he was really getting into the baking!

When it came time to decorate the cookies, I realized that I made the glaze a bit runny.. oops. The cookies still tasted great though!

Here’s Aidan, decorating his first cookie of the day.. it was quite a MESS!

122010 015

Doesn’t his finished cookie look delicious??

122010 016

Oh man, I was dying of laughter.. I think it needed more sprinkles, don’t you?? :)

Once the kids got bored & wanted to play, Michelle & I took our turn at decorating (and eating!)..

122010 021


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  1. oo those look delicious!!! I could eat one of those right now!