We "harvested" Aidan's sunflowers a couple weeks ago, but I had to share this picture!

Aren't they huge???  
Aidan was SO proud of his flowers, and so excited to set them out for the birds!

I was amazed at how many different types of birds that came to feed from Aidan's flowers, some that we have never even seen in our yard before! It was also fun for us to watch the birds fight over who could hang from the sunflower heads & peck at the seeds.. 
it kept us entertained & we can't wait to grow more next year! :)


  1. Aidan you are so lucky to live in the country and have your garden. Can't wait till next year to see how big they get.

  2. holy gracious those are some big sunflowers!! What a happy boy in that picture!

  3. Theresa, I just enjoyed reading through all of your posts to the potato head pumpkins. :-) So fun to catch up on. I loved reading your 5Qf too and seeing how you found out that Santa and the Tooth Fairy didn't exsist, at the same time! ha... made me laugh. Thanks for sharing your life with us!