Okay, I know I am extremely late in posting this, but I am trying to catch up here.. trying!

On Mondays I babysit Micah, an awesome 2 year old that Aidan LOVES to play with! 

We had to do something outside this day, as it was gorgeous out.. so we had fun with pumpkins!

The boys are obviously too young to carve their own pumpkins, so we made silly pumpkins with Aidan's Potato Head parts! 

The boys had so much fun with this!

They were very proud of their pumpkin creations :)


Yay for Potato Head Pumpkins! :)

The next night, Aidan was bugging Daddy to carve a pumpkin with him.. so they had fun together, while Mommy took pictures :)

Aidan did NOT like the pumpkin goop.. he had fun pretending the lid to his pumpkin was a drum, while Daddy scooped out the pumpkin guts!

(Sorry about the lack of pants.. we're STILL working on potty training here!)

Daddy adding the details, 

and Aidan helping out by drawing a nose!

Aidan loved the way his finished pumpkin looked.. he was disappointed that we had to take it outside though, he wanted it in his room! :)


  1. What a great family traditions you guys have started. Love the "potato head pumpkins" too.

  2. oo what fun with pumpkins!! Love both pumpkins Aidan made :-)