Happy Birthday Aidan!

 I am very slow at posting this, 
but our little boy had his 3rd birthday party last weekend!

We had his party at Jungle Joe's, an indoor, inflatable, bouncing kids dream! 

Once we got there, Aidan wasted NO time getting on the inflatables!

Here's Aidan, following Mommy up a big slide! 
(Sorry about the blurry picture!)

Getting a boost from Grandpa. 

He loved this place!

It was so nice to get the cousins together again.. Trent had lots of fun too!

Little Hayley was kinda small for all the fun, 
but she still managed tojump & wobble around! 
(It's hard to stand up on those things when everyone around you is jumping!)

Making his way through,  

and dragging Grandpa on another one! 
(Love this picture of my Dad, he was so tired!)

My friend Michelle & her boys were having fun, 
love this picture of her too!

Grampie even took some turns on the slides :)

Hayley, getting an extra push.. 

and making her way through with her Daddy, Uncle Rob!

I decided that it would be fun to race through this obstacle course 
with my friend Michelle..

It was WAY harder than it looked!

It was even MORE difficult when Michelle was pulling 
on my pant legs, because I was beating her! 

Here I am trying to get over the last hill & WIN!

Whew, that was a workout!

Time for cake!

Happy Birthday Munchkin!

He loved opening all of his gifts, he's gonna be SO much fun this Christmas!

Trying to carry out all of his loot.. the bag was bigger than he was!

We had such a fun time at his birthday, and hope that everyone that came did too!

We are especially thankful to Aidan's Aunt Sarah, who took so many great pictures & forwarded them to us.. ours didn't turn out too great! :(

Thank you!!!


  1. Grammie & Grampie had a great time too, even though Grampie sprained is finger. Think all had a good workout and was ready for a nap when they got home.
    You had a great 3rd birthday Aidan.

  2. What a great birthday party!! I love the one of you trying to win! Looks like you guys had as much fun as the kids!

  3. Happy Birthday Aiden! He is looking older Theresa. :-)