It was hard for us to decide what to do for Halloween this year, most of our friends have children that are much older than Aidan, and Aidan does NOT need an overabundance of candy in the house.. so we were looking for something fun & family friendly to do... 
 I saw that Verhage Farms had a trunk or treat/fall festival going on the night before Halloween, and we decided to try it out! 

Getting ready to get some candy!!!

Isn't that the cutest shark you have ever seen??? :)

I was SO happy that he didn't end up with gobs of candy, 
just enough for little Aidan to be happy!
He was even happier when he saw that there were pony rides & games to play!

We also went on a hay ride together, 

it was so fun to go out just the 3 of us, and enjoy our little family!

On Halloween, we surprised Grandma by going to her house to visit & Aidan wanted to do some "real" trick or treating.. I wasn't expecting to walk around the neighborhood.. but was so glad that he was having a great time. It was so fun to walk around with my son in the same neighborhood I used to trick or treat in as a kid! :)

When we got home, he HAD to check out all of his candy.. not too bad for a 3 year old! 

(..yes, that is a lemon in his candy pile.. Aidan took it from Grandma's, he LOVES lemons!)

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  1. What a great trick or treating time you guys had!! Love that his grandma gave him a lemon :-)