while we're away...

Aidan will PLAY!

Grammie & Grampie were outside playing with the sidewalk chalk with 
Aidan & took these cute pictures..

Aidan in a helicopter.. who knew Grampie was such a good artist?? :)

Apparently, Aidan was entertaining them with a stage show.. what a goof!

And, of course.. here's Aidan's FAVORITE phrase..

Old Lady!

Tony told Aidan to call Grammie "old lady" one day & it stuck.. 
he uses those words all the time now. 

We are trying not to draw attention to it, so hopefully he will stop saying it so much.. not today though, I asked him if he had to go potty earlier today & he responded.. 
"no way old lady!"


  1. Gotta love it!!! When are you leaving town again,
    ready for some more fun with our Grand Boy.

  2. aww looks like he had a blast! The helicopter looks like so much fun!