I know that some of you want to see some of our pics from our trip to Mexico.. 
the next few posts will be about our trip! 

It was hard to leave Aidan for a week to go on vacation without him, 
but it was so relaxing too! :)

Dreams Villamagna.. Our home for the week! 

Okay.. obviously, I didn't take this photo, but I couldn't get a picture of all of the pools together!
Our resort was all-inclusive & beautiful
The only downside was the temperature, about 97 & VERY humid all week.

It was alright though, we had a bunch of different pools to choose from!

I loved the infinity pool, I could have sat out by it all day long.. 
except for the fact that I am extremely pale & would fry up! :)

Upon our arrival, we were greeted with hot towels & mimosas.. (!!!!)
I couldn't believe the lobby of this place, it was completely outdoors!

There were bars around every corner, 
we loved the one in the lobby, 
perfect for taking a drink back up to your room with ya! 

So.. we had our drinks, and finally made it up to check out our room!

Loved it! I really liked the bath tub though! :)

We also had a balcony with a jacuzzi too! 
We were so spoiled on this trip :)

We arrived kind of late in the day our first day, so we just hung around the resort & went to the beach, it was (yep, you guessed it) wonderful!

Here's my fabulous bartender, bringing me a drink! :)

And.. here's me doing NOTHING!!! 
(felt kinda funny to do nothing, I'm so used to running around with our 3 year old!)

We were bombarded by the locals constantly walking by selling their things.. 
loved this guy with all of his hats! 

They were so nice though & took our picture.. doing NOTHING together!!! :)

Okay, we're getting bored sitting around not doing anything, lets swim!

I'm not a fan of salt water, and people kept getting stung by jellyfish, 
so we didn't stay in the water too long! 

What to do now??? Hmm.. how about another drink & let's be lazy!! 

Yep.. we were real productive weren't we?? :)


  1. Great pictures and story of your trip. Glad you had a good time. We had a good time with Aidan and hope we did not spoil him too much, but to bad if we did, that is what Grammie and Grampie are for.

  2. ooo what a wonderful trip!! Did you really like the resort? We might have to do something for like our 10th anniversary or something! What a great time.. I am totally jealous! I love Mimosas :-)