Las Caletas

 On Wednesday, we got up bright & early for a trip to Las Caletas.

As we waited for our boat to leave, we had fun watching these guys..

Pelicans were EVERYWHERE!
Who knew pelicans were so cute? Tony & I both loved watching them dive in the water, they're really quite large!

Okay, anyways.. back to the boat ride..

It was about an hour ride to Las Caletas from Puerto Vallarta.. 
but we were entertained by our VERY lively crew!

 It was awesome to see these guys enjoy their job so much, they were so fun!

Puerto Vallarta & the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains!

Halfway there, we came upon Los Arcos.
It is a small group of large, rocky islands.. blanketed by rainforests.

They were definitely large islands, and very beautiful :)

 We're here! 

There were a bunch of iguanas.. just lazing around, catching some sun!

Tony was super excited about all the wildlife!

Tons of winding paths & bridges to follow..

..that led us to the beach!

We took advantage of the snorkeling trip that morning.. so fun!

Hee hee.. love this picture of Tony!
He had never been snorkeling before, but he was a pro!

Our guide would stop us every 10-15 minutes to show us different sea life.. here I am holding a brittle starfish..

..it was so cool!

We tried to take a ton of underwater pics too.. but I think we were both too preoccupied with seeing all the fish, than with getting a good picture.. we tried though! 

These fishies were our favorites,
we had the chance to feed them & they were swarming everywhere around us!

After snorkeling, we had lunch on the beach, followed by a chance to get up close to some of the wildlife of Las Caletas..

Yep, Tony was super excited about the spider monkeys!

I wasn't too sure about him..

but loved the parrots!

It was so hard to leave this gorgeous place, we had a great time!


  1. Looks like a great time, I can't wait till Gary and I can go there. So glad you got the chance to do some neat things.

  2. ooo wow gorgeous! What an amazing trip!!!!!!!!

  3. Theresa,
    I loved looking at your Mexico pictures! Glad you guys had a great time and it looks like Aiden had fun while you were away. :-)