snow fun!

The snow here was all gone, until late this morning when we got showered with more! 
I was actually kind of happy about the snow, I'm not quite ready to give it all up yet! 

So, we had to go out & play in it! Aidan was happy to throw snowballs at Daddy..

..and at Mommy!

Making snow angels..

We had a great time just being around outside with Aidan.

I thought the snow looked pretty, especially on our old barn. 
I love that barn, it's going to be a sad day when it finally falls down! :(

Once the snow stopped, in came the freezing rain & it was time to go inside! 

The ice on the trees was so cool though, 
if it keeps up through the night, it'll be gorgeous outside tomorrow!


  1. Looked like fun. Love the barn and ice pics.

  2. yay for some more snow fun! I am however, ready to be done so Im glad you got it and not us :-)

  3. Great pictures Theresa! Are you enjoying your new camera?! Hope you are staying warm!