summer list!

I have seen this idea on many blogs & have loved the idea/couldn't wait to get our list going..

I have my new huge chalkboard up in the kitchen & it's the perfect spot for our list!

(I absolutely love my new chalkboard, thanks for your help honey! ..except for the fact that I got a bit eager with the paint & got outside the lines a bit.. oops.. to be fixed later!)

 Here's our to-do list for this summer!

(can you tell which ideas were Aidan's? ..Chuck E. Cheese, ice cream, hot dogs, s'mores.. 
I think our boy has an obsession with food!) 

So far, we only have two things completed from our list.. 
but Aidan is constantly asking me to read him the list every morning to see what we can do for the day! 

This fun sprinkler kept Aidan entertained for hours.. money well spent!

Catching fireflies is pretty much an every night activity here! 

Love that Aidan talks to them & then lets them back outside before he goes to bed :)

What fun things are you planning for summer?


  1. What a great list! Love the chalkboard!! Love that last picture.. Sammy requested to get the sprinkler out today!

  2. Love the chalk board.

  3. I love your chalkboard... looks awesome! Can you believe it is almost July?! Wow...gotta get moving on my summer list. Loved the air zoo pics too. :-)


  4. I love the chalkboard...and I love love love that he got half of it! Your pictures are priceless!