family vacation

Earlier in July, we took a family vacation! 

We went to Leech Lake, Minnesota for a family reunion of my step-dad's family. 
It was so much fun & great to see so many family members that we don't regularly see.

I have WAY too many pictures to share them all.. so here are some of my favorites!

We had a LONG ride to Minnesota, about 14 hours! 
I was so happy that Grammie decided to sit in back with Aidan & Daddy..
 she did a great job of keeping Aidan entertained!

Our cabin was right next to a boat harbor, where tons of crayfish were.. 
Aidan loved looking for these guys every chance he got!

The crayfish hunter!!!!!

So glad that Tony & I got a chance to go on vacation, we had a great time!

Our Aidan Anthony with his Minnesota cousin.. Aiden Anthony!!

Aidan had a blast trying to keep up with all of the kids, especially the older ones!

..he also LOVED hanging on (& annoying!) Uncle Nick. 

It was hard to keep him out of the water, 
I think that one of us was always down at the lake with him!

Posing for a picture for a quick second for Mommy:

Searching for & trying to catch minnows..

.. he finally wore himself out & fell asleep on Mommy.. 
who was directly in the sun & got a nice tan from being lazy while Aidan napped!

Aidan LOVED the boat rides & I love this picture Aunt Lisa got of him! :)

Here's the whole group.. what a great week!


  1. Thanks for getting caught up..you beat Lisa!!!

  2. Love these!! What great pictures you got!! Aidan is adorable!!