new swing set!

It's Aidan's new swingset! 

Tony & I had SO much fun putting this together for him (NOT) 
..and we really bonded over the horribly confusing instructions.. it was SO fun! 

Once we finally had it together though, we were so happy that it looked like the 
picture & that Aidan LOVED it!!!

It took him about 1 second after we told him it was ready for him to hop on :)

He LOVES the double swing thingy!

Checking out his little fort area.. 

..and loving his new (longer) slide! 

I'd say that it was definitely worth every penny.. 
and I can't wait til Aidan gets the hang of "pumping" his own legs on the swings.. 
Mommy's arms hurt from pushing him so much! ;)


  1. The double swing thingy is called a "glider", come on Mom get with it!!!!

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  3. What a fun swing set! So glad it was so fun to put together ;-)