5QF.. Saturday night!

So.. I haven't participated in this for awhile! 

Tony is busy watching basketball & I am here bored..
so here's some random questions that I will answer just for you ;)

1. Have you ever had roommates? Just while I was in college. I roomed with my step-sister Lisa for 2 years while I was up at Central Michigan University. We also had other girls in the dorm room with us, 4 of us altogether my freshman year, and 5 of us my sophomore year. It was definitely a learning experience for me.. I was used to living with Lisa.. but when you throw a bunch of girls in a room together.. with ONE bathroom.. and ONE phone.. things get kinda interesting! 
(I think I used to hog the phone & bathroom too, sorry!) 

2. How many names do you/your children have? Just the standard first, middle & last.

3. Did you watch the Royal Wedding? Nope! But, I have to admit, once I got up the next day & was bombarded by pictures & footage on the internet.. I was sucked in! I had to check out all of the details, watch the footage of the ceremony & I even printed out a recipe of Prince William's groom's cake.. it looks like it would be delicious!

4. What is the messiest room in your house? Ugh.. I would have to say the bathroom. Aidan uses the toilet now, and well.. he doesn't always have the best aim! Although I am constantly cleaning up the floor in there.. it seems like it never stays clean! :(

5. What is your ideal Mother's Day? Honestly? I just want to sleep in, read the Sunday paper, go to church & come home to more time to myself! I would love to throw a nap in there somewhere too! 

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  1. Me too only had roommates in college! Same for #2 as well. #3 nope as well but didn't get sucked in mostly I think because that day was really busy for me! (That cake does look tasty) #4. hehe on your answer to this one.. right now.. my whole house is the messiest room :-P #5. your answer sounds perfect to me too!! Unfortnately this is what my mouther's day will look like. Tim got up at 6:30 to get to the church for worship team practice.. woke me up early to say happy mothers day.. I got up took a pregnancy test.. negative (again).. Sammy woke up.. fed him breakfast and put on a movie because he was super grumpy.. Next up get us both ready for church.. go to first service at church come home.. hang out for another few hours until Tim gets home at 1. Put Sammy down for quite time.. then at 3 go to my in-laws house to celebrate their birthdays (Friday and Saturday and Tim's Tuesday). Then come home and get ready for my day at the office and go to bed :-P Pretty much the opposite of the day I want.. ohh well maybe next year!