happening lately..

Aidan is FINALLY sleeping in his own bed again! 

It took a few sleepless nights & lots of crying, 
but he is doing great.. and loving his new book light too!

Love that he was reading to our cat Puff here..

Last weekend, we went to the campground to help Grammie open things up for the year. 
Aidan was beyond excited to be out there again &
 he is constantly asking us when we are going back out there!

It's that time of year again.. time to mow the lawn!! 
Our boy is in love with anything John Deere, 
so he was really excited to ride the mower with Daddy :)

Our kitty Abby likes to climb trees, and she sits in them forever.. 
so I took advantage of it & got some cute pictures the other day..
 she's a weird but loveable cat!

Earlier this week, we FINALLY had a nice day for our playgroup's Easter egg hunt! 
It had been rescheduled twice, so I think we were all happy that it was finally a nice day.

Loved watching the kids race for the eggs..

I had Micah that day, so he got in on the fun too.. 
loved how the boys were helping each other find the eggs!


Definitely a fun day at the park, 

the boys got a TON of goodies!

We've also been admiring & picking all the pretty daffodils around the house.

Last but not least, Tony spotted an oriole across the street last night! I have been trying to lure these birds into my yard for a few years.. anyone got any tips for me to get them in my yard? 

They're SO bright & beautiful!


  1. Thanks for all the pics...I wish I knew how to get those darn birds too. All I know of is oranges and the orange feeders...good luck!!!

  2. oo love all of the pictures!!! That picture of the oriole is great! I have been trying to get picture of the blue jays that live out behind our house.. one finally came in the yard to use Sammy's water table as a bird bath but the dog scared it away before I got a picture!

  3. I remember doing the Easter Egg Hunt last year with the group! Looks like they had a great time!!