yep.. spring is almost here, 
and we were SO excited to finally be able to go outdoors to play yesterday & not freeze anymore!

had to get some pictures of my little cheeseball.. 
he was actually letting me take his picture! 

goofy grin!

we had fun hunting around the yard for signs of spring, 
Aidan loved the crocus popping up in our yard.

while Mommy was (still) trying to test out her new camera, 
Aidan said, "be back Mommy!" and ran (very goofily) to the front yard..

my boy was bringing me some flowers! 

"for you Mommy"

Puff was outside with us too, he has been dying to get out & roam!

our last task for the day was to get Aidan's Jeep out of hibernation..

..nothing makes me happier than seeing him smile!

it's amazing what a beautiful day can do.. we are so happy that 
spring is almost here & the winter blahs are GONE! :)


  1. Beautiful pictures!! Yay for Spring.. what kind of camera did you get again?

  2. I love your spring pictures Theresa! Aiden is so cute... I love the one of him running. :-)


  3. Looks like you are enjoying your camera. Thanks for the new pics. Love to see him outside and enjoying the fresh air.

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