Last week, our playgroup took a fun trip to the Wonder Why Alpaca Farm.. it was definitely interesting!
Aidan was very excited about the alpacas.. I had NO idea what to expect..

Alpacas are a 'cousin' of llamas, but I think they are MUCH cuter! They were very docile, and loved the attention from all the kids. I was surprised that Aidan wanted to participate in the feeding.. they sure weren't shy about snatching the food from your hands! :)

We also got the chance to see angora bunnies, and silver turkeys.. two things I have never seen before, the bunnies were SO soft!

After our time with the animals, all of the kids had the opportunity to make a felted placemat from alpaca wool (surrey). 
It was so interesting to learn about all of the different types of fibers & crafts that you can make from them.. the owner (our guide) was very passionate about her craft, and her alpacas! 

Aidan wasn't too sure about this craft after he picked out the wool he wanted..

..so, Mommy got him started! He had fun rolling it out & flattening (pounding!) the piece as hard as he could.. 

 Here's the finished product! Aidan was so proud. 

We had a great time & BOTH learned a lot! :)

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  1. what a fun playgroup!!! Love the place-mat! Sammy would have loved to have been there too!!