tractor show!

Last weekend, Tony & I took Aidan to his first tractor show!

I thought it was rather ironic, as my parents used to take my
step-sisters & I to these things when we were younger..
and we HATED them!
I think that back then I swore that I would never put my own child
through the torture of going to one.. well, look at me now..
excited to take Aidan to a tractor show,
because I know he would love it! ..and he did!! :)

Anyways, the show was at Scotts Mill Park, it is so beautiful there!
I especially loved seeing the old mill, and water wheel..

Aidan loved watching & listening to all the water too!

We had a good time walking around to each tractor..
here's Aidan's favorites:

LOVES the big tractor wheels!

We saw a bunch of steam engines,
Aidan wasn't too sure about them though..

..he prefers the good 'ol John Deere tractors!

The smile on Aidan's face that day made the whole trip worth it,
this boy loves tractors! :)

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  1. oohh what a fun trip!!! I saw that picture of the water on the wheel and had to go get a drink of water it made me thirsty for some :-)! Aidan looks so happy by those tractors!!