Back in November, we went to a wedding!

Tony & I went to South Bend, IN to watch his nephew Jim get married,
 it was a beautiful wedding!

We had so much fun visiting with family & the night away just the two of us was nice too.

I was too short to get any good pics of the ceremony, but tried to get a photo of the vows..

Jim & Barb's reception was very nice, it was wonderful to sit down to a delicious dinner (filet mignon, my fav!) and not have to worry about cutting up the kids' food, going to the bathroom 100 times, or telling someone in particular to sit still til we were done eating! (ahem.. Aidan!)

So, it was some long overdue quality time with Tony that I enjoyed the most..

..and bonding with these goofballs too! 

Tony's family is definitely fun, there is never a dull moment around these guys!

First dance.

Mother/son dance.

Tony's sister Linda, and her son Jim.. that's my nephew, who is older than me! lol

My favorite part of any wedding, the cake!

Congrats Jim & Barb, wishing you a lifetime of happiness! :)


  1. Very nice pics of wedding. I really like the one of you and Tony.

  2. What a pretty wedding and yay for quality husband/wife time!