Silly Hector!

Hector was up to no good this year!

Aidan loved having him back again, 
and Adalyn really didn't know what to think..!

Here's a sampling of the silly things we caught him doing this year:

Getting into the leftover Halloween candy,

Being artistic with a dry erase marker on the kids' pictures!

Turned the milk green one day.. 
(this made for some pretty interesting colored baked goods throughout the week!)

Got caught reading out little Bible ornament,
I think this is the only good thing that he did! :)

Making a mess with Aidan's toothpaste..

Elves need to shower too I guess!

Made a Lego tree & little presents for the kids..

Was caught in the car on the way to school one morning!

Replaced our Christmas stockings with Aidan's (clean!) underwear!

Returned for his last night with a special ornament & some treats for the kids..

 I think they liked them! :)
See you again next year Hector! 

1 comment:

  1. aww so fun! I bet Aidan thought it was hilarious that his underwear was hanging up instead of the stockings!