It was almost the end of summer,
 perfect for Adalyn's first picnic at the park! :)

We sat down for about 2 minutes & already had some guests!

Aidan loved all the attention from the geese, which he kept calling ducks.

Patiently waiting for us to feed them! 

Addie could have cared less about the geese, 
she was too busy playing with her brother's toys!

When she did notice them, she was in awe of them! :)

It was such a nice day,

Aidan had fun chasing the "ducks" and laughed when they hissed at him.

Love my goofy boy! 


  1. What fun, wish I was retired so I could have come.

  2. What a pretty day for a picnic! So this is funny.. but I am completely afraid of big birds like that! I got bitten by a goose as a kid and I have been afraid of them since!