more NICU..

Adalyn's time in the NICU was short, but she was always on a schedule!

Her care times were 12-3-6 & 9 around the clock.. 
she would be fed, changed and held at those times, and those times only! 

I would constantly try to make it to her care times that were during the day & evening, 
I was so blessed to have friends & family 
that watched Aidan for me so I could spend time with Addie :)

Grammie even tried to make it up to the hospital as much as she could, 
here she is holding Addie while she had her bili-light on.

Grampie even made it up there to hold her for awhile! :) 

Tony would come up after work every night too!

She was alert for only a few minutes after eating, 
so it was fun to see her awake!

Aidan was a trooper going back & forth to the hospital every night,
he loved to see his sister.. but he's also 4, and got bored quick!

(we always got him a chocolate milk from the cafe downstairs.. which kept him happy!)

Later that week, Adalyn made it to the step-down nursery.. and was on her way home! :)


  1. Forgot how tiny she was.

  2. That must have been so hard to have to split your time! I am glad she is at home safe and sound and doing well!