big brother prep!

Our hospital offered a "Suddenly Siblings" class for younger kids & I thought it would be cute for Aidan to get some hands on practice.. plus, Aidan's preschool teacher taught the class!

Here's Aidan & Ms. Kline.. learning how to swaddle a baby,

learning how to change a baby's diaper, 

and how to feed a baby with a bottle!

Most importantly, he learned how to love a baby!

Definitely a great big brother in the making right there!

Aidan also got to take a tour of the birthplace & even saw a newborn baby, he had already been used to the hospital though.. as Adalyn had already been born a few weeks before the class! :)


  1. Aidan could not have gotten a better teacher for this and school...she is the best

  2. What a great class!! He looks like a natural!