Happy 1st Birthday Adalyn!

Even though the day after Christmas isn't the best day to have a birthday,
we had fun celebrating Addie's turning ONE as a family together! 

A special girl needs her own special cake,
so we got her a smash cake in hopes that she would make a birthday mess!

Not too impressed with the cake.. 

Well, it tastes alright.. 

No, no, no! I definitely DO NOT like this cake thing!

Can we please be done now?? 

So.. I had such high hopes for Adalyn's cake smashing, and nothing went as planned! 
But, that's kinda like parenting.. you just go with the flow! 

The icing on her leg was from her actually crawling OVER the cake to get to me, 
Tony & I tried to sit her back down in front of the cake, but she wasn't having any of it!

Addie definitely wasn't happy with her cake, but she did LOVE her presents!!!

She was super excited & her brother loved helping her open her gifts.

Had fun with her new goodies until bedtime!

Before bed, we got out cake #2!

I figured that there wouldn't be much left of cake #1.. and I was right!
We all wanted some birthday cake too! :)

Addie ended up loving this cake, 
as long as someone was feeding it to her!

Looking back on these photos, I can't believe that our girl is one already! 

Time truly does go by too fast, and her whole first year of life seems like a blur.. 
I wish that time didn't go by so fast!

Adalyn has captivated us with her curiousity, entertained us with her silliness 
& grabbed a hold of our hearts with her bubbly personality! 
We are blessed beyond measure & so excited to see
 what God has in store for her as she continues to grow up before our eyes! :)


  1. She does have her "own" personality.
    I am sure she has things up her sleeves for
    mom & dad in the future.

  2. So sweet! I had to giggle about the cake.. isn't that how things always go! Glad she liked her presents!

  3. Beautiful photos!
    Treasure the memories!