Gull Meadow Farms!

It's a yearly tradition to take a family trip to Gull Meadow Farms, 
this year our church hosted a family night there & we had so much fun!

It was FREEZING out that night, but the sunset was gorgeous! 

This was the first year that Aidan was brave enough to want to try the zip line,
he rode it about 100 times that night! :)

LOVED having fun as a family & church community that night!

Addie was hanging in there & and having fun watching all of the kids!

She was bundled up all night, the only part of her that was cold was her little pink nose!

Playing with Daddy!

They added a new area this year, the "Back Forty" which included animals, steer roping, corn hole, and lots of other things too.. here's Aidan climbing through the "spider webs!" 

He loved the steer roping too, although he couldn't quite figure out how to throw it!

He still had a ton of fun tossing the rope around his head! :)

He & Daddy LOVED the apple cannons, and wish that we could have spent more time here..
we were all pretty cold at this point! 

They have a pumpkin launcher there too.. next year, we are definitely going to try that out! 

We ended the night with some doughnuts & cider, they have the best doughnuts! ;)


  1. What fun! I love the sunset picture! It looks like it was really cold but a ton of fun!

  2. Very nice night. Love her little pink nose!!!