spring cleaning!

We've been pretty busy over here lately.. 
..busy painting!

We have moved our bedroom upstairs to make room for the kids to have their own rooms downstairs. It has been a slow process, but we're getting there! 

Aidan LOVED helping us paint!

While I primed the trim, Aidan got to work making masterpieces on the wall.. 

.. love his original works of art!

Since Tony refinished all of the wood floors upstairs, it was MY turn to paint!

My hubby HATES to paint, and I gladly took up his offer to watch the kids while I got to painting!

I also enlisted the help of my Mom, who has been such a HUGE help!

*thanks Mom!*

Now we're all moved in upstairs, and currently working on Adalyn's bedroom.. 
hoping to finish up her space soon!


  1. Your Welcome...it has been fun and we did not even get into an argument...YEA!!!

  2. Yay!! Can't wait to see how things turn out!! We need after pictures.. k?