little fish!

For the past two weeks, Aidan has been taking swimming lessons!

Today was the parent's day.. where we could stay and watch what the kids have learned.. 
I was so excited & proud of Aidan with how far he had come in just two weeks!

Aidan was the only boy in his little class, here's the kids getting wet to start!

A big accomplishment of Aidan's this week was finally putting his head underwater, 
here's a cute video of the kids going under.. 

.. LOVE how Aidan barely puts his head in, but so proud that he actually tried.. 
he has been so stubborn about it!

Next, we got to see Aidan's swimming progress!

First time around with his instructor Pam & a noodle,

..second time around with floaties & Pam's son.. 
he loved that no one was holding onto him! 

They finished up with a few more laps of the shallow end,

Aidan was so happy to show me how he could swim, I loved watching him today! :)

I'm such a proud Mommy!


  1. Aidan Grammie is very very proud of you!!!
    We will have to practice at the campground next weekend.

  2. What a big fish!!! Good job Aidan!