Happy Birthday Munchkin!

Aidan had a great time with his family at his little birthday party.. he dug right into all of his gifts & LOVED all of the attention!

Of course, we had to have a Spiderman birthday party, since Aidan is completely obsessed with all things Spiderman.. Aidan also picked out his own party decorations, so we had to get a cake to match! :)

..blowing out his birthday candles..

..and Grandpa trying to sneak a bite of cake!

Daddy even had some cake, which was unusual, since my hubby doesn't like sweets!
(what a weirdo!)

Most of all, Aidan loved being able to visit & play with his cousins.. Hayley is almost walking now and Colt & Trent have always been favorites of Aidan's.. he wants to be a big boy like both of them!

Thank you to everyone that came & made Aidan's party extra special, we love you!

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