fun at the fair

We had fun taking Aidan to the Kalamazoo fair this past week.. Grammie came along too! Aidan loved the rides.. a train ride with Daddy,

and the carousel with Grammie!

Sharing the world's largest sno-cone with Daddy...

playing carnival games too!

HAD to go back to the carousel.. even though he was super tired!

I also got a chance to ride a ride with Aidan.. the ferris wheel.. and I had the death grip on Aidan the whole time! I was so afraid he would get excited & try to jump around.. NO fun on the ferris wheel with Mommy.. we sat completely still! :)

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  1. It was fun going to the fair with all of you. Grammie had not been to the fair in many years.
    Thanks for letting me tag along.