Tigers game!

For Father's Day, Aidan got Daddy some Tigers tickets.. Tony & I were both excited that the game day was finally here! The weather was perfect & the Tigers beat the White Sox.. it was great!

..beers were $8 each, but so good & cold!

..our seats weren't too bad either! Although, we did walk around quite a bit to check out everything..

Tigers win!! :)

(a BIG thank you to Grammie, for watching our little munchkin while we enjoyed our monthly date!!.. we love you!)


  1. You are welcome....
    I love to watch my grand boy
    anytime I can. Love You!!

  2. yeah, we went in June...man, was it hot...looks like the weather was a bit more condusive for u guys! glad u had a great time! we missed u at the riddle's cookout! hope to see u soon at church!