family fun!

We took Aidan to the Greater Galesburg Days celebration on Saturday.. it was so nice out, a perfect morning for a parade! Here's our munchkin checking out the start of the parade!...

Michelle & her boys came with us too!

Aunt Linda was the Grand Marshall of the parade, with Laurie in the drivers seat!

Aidan waving at Aunt Linda!! :)

.. the most exciting part of the whole parade.. a tractor for Aidan! (or tractrrrr, as he calls it..)

The boys picked up so much candy, they had to stuff it all in their shirts!

We had fun checking out the animals at the petting zoo.. a donkey,

a rabbit that Aidan loved,

and some goats & sheep!

Oh boy.. another tractor! Aidan couldn't run fast enough to go check it out!
We had such a great day! :)

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