Happy 1st Birthday Adalyn!

Even though the day after Christmas isn't the best day to have a birthday,
we had fun celebrating Addie's turning ONE as a family together! 

A special girl needs her own special cake,
so we got her a smash cake in hopes that she would make a birthday mess!

Not too impressed with the cake.. 

Well, it tastes alright.. 

No, no, no! I definitely DO NOT like this cake thing!

Can we please be done now?? 

So.. I had such high hopes for Adalyn's cake smashing, and nothing went as planned! 
But, that's kinda like parenting.. you just go with the flow! 

The icing on her leg was from her actually crawling OVER the cake to get to me, 
Tony & I tried to sit her back down in front of the cake, but she wasn't having any of it!

Addie definitely wasn't happy with her cake, but she did LOVE her presents!!!

She was super excited & her brother loved helping her open her gifts.

Had fun with her new goodies until bedtime!

Before bed, we got out cake #2!

I figured that there wouldn't be much left of cake #1.. and I was right!
We all wanted some birthday cake too! :)

Addie ended up loving this cake, 
as long as someone was feeding it to her!

Looking back on these photos, I can't believe that our girl is one already! 

Time truly does go by too fast, and her whole first year of life seems like a blur.. 
I wish that time didn't go by so fast!

Adalyn has captivated us with her curiousity, entertained us with her silliness 
& grabbed a hold of our hearts with her bubbly personality! 
We are blessed beyond measure & so excited to see
 what God has in store for her as she continues to grow up before our eyes! :)


Merry Christmas!

Well, it's almost St. Patrick's Day, figured I should update the blog a bit! lol

This post is full of family Christmas pics, enjoy! :)

Christmas at my Mom's house: 
All the kids together, impatiently waiting to open presents! :)

The present opening here goes kinda quick & it's all a blur to me.. 
so glad that my step-dad got this picture, now I know what the craziness looks like! :)

Addie wasn't sure about the presents & needed a bit of help..

..once she found out that there were toys inside the paper, she was so excited!

She was so excited, she wanted to steal everyone's gifts! :)

Definitely didn't take her long to get the hang of it!

Aidan was on the other side of the room with Daddy having fun opening his gifts too!

Love how happy he looks!

Getting some help from Grammie with her presents.

Studying her new nail polish from Aunt Sarah, can't wait to paint her toenails this summer!

Addie got a new pony ride-on from Aunt Sarah, Uncle Rob & Hayley,
 she is just now starting to ride it all the time & loves it!

We were all entertained by Hayley & her new microphone, loved hearing her sing!

Playing with Aunt Lisa & her new picnic basket, she carries it all over the place now too! :)

Christmas Eve at home:

At school this year, Aidan had the chance to shop at the Christmas Store, which had a ton of little gifts that each child could pick out for their family members by themselves, it was an awesome way for the kids to do their own shopping, and learn how to budget their money! :)

Anyways, Aidan was so excited to give his gifts to us!

He chose a new bath book for Adalyn,

A new Detroit Pistons keychain for Daddy,

and a new ornament for Mommy, that said "World's Prettiest Mom!" 

I really liked my new ornament! ;)

Mommy & Addie got our boys a special gift to open a day early.. a Wii! 

They were both really surprised! 

Christmas morning!

Aidan woke up bright & early, around 4 am! 

Here's the kids checking out their goodies from Santa,

All Aidan kept saying he wanted from Santa was an Imaginext castle! :)

Addie checking out her goodies,

& getting help from Daddy with her Christmas stocking.

Aidan checking out his stocking goodies,
he was really excited about his rootbeer gum, what a goof! ;)

Both kids helping Mommy with her stocking too! :)

We started a new tradition this year with our gift giving for the kids, 
as they get SO much stuff this time of year..
 it just takes away from the true meaning of Christmas. 

We now get the kids 4 gifts, 
something they want, something they need, something to wear & something to read!

Aidan put A LOT of thought into his choices,
we thought he would be disappointed without the sea of presents under the tree,
but he was happy! Phew! :)

For his read, all he wanted was a book about the Avenger Hawkeye,
we threw in a toy bow too ;)

For his want, he wanted a BIG Lego set.. 

I think BOTH boys were excited! lol

For his wear, he wanted a Hawkeye shirt, and for his need..
he asked for some new underwear! 
He was very serious about it,
and they had to be Avengers underwear.. love this kid! 

Addie obviously isn't old enough to make her own choices, so we picked for her ;)

She was very tired & didn't really get into the gift opening as much as Aidan, 
she was loving all of the excitement though!

Love my girl! 

Fuzzy had fun playing with all of the papers, so he had a good Christmas morning too! ;)

Christmas at my Dad's:

We always go to my Dad's for Christmas,
I love the decorations that my step-mom puts up, so pretty!

Helping Grandma & Grandpa with some presents,

and Addie ripping into one of her gifts! 

After dinner, Addie was surprised with a birthday cake!

A day early, but she didn't mind! 

Yum! :)


Christmas fun :)

Our advent calendar included a bunch of fun things that we could do as a family, Aidan's favorites were making a gingerbread train & going to breakfast with Santa!

Daddy got in on the fun & did most of the helping for the gingerbread train!

( ..yes, that's a kitty on the table!)

Fuzz is a very curious cat & follows the kids everywhere! ;)

I had to help too, I wanted to eat all the icing! 

Addie sat in her highchair & loved watching, she loved the icing too!

Our church hosted a breakfast with Santa this year, it was so much fun! 

Aidan thought it was hilarious that Santa & Mrs. Claus had a security guard with them! 
(He is one of the youth from our church, definitely supposed to be funny!)

Our girl couldn't get enough of the bacon that was served with breakfast that morning!

After breakfast, the kids listened to Santa share a story, then got their pictures taken with him.

After that, there were carnival-style games for the kids to play!

Definitely a fun morning! :)